vendredi 4 juin 2010

50 Silkcreen prints "Mickey Club"

My last exhibition, many people were interested to buy the drawing "mickey club."
So I finally decided to make prints in the studio super cool parisian Sacré Bonus.
a thank you to Stephane and Iris, which allowed me to complete this project.
50 works are available signed and numbered. (30 are 224gr Canson paper, and 20 are 300gr Montval paper, paper is made in France)
1 color silk screen
paper size (same as the original drawing): 32.5 cm (H) x50cm (w)
price is 50 euros / payment by paypal
My contact for more information for shipping cost or other: julien.trandinh @

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  1. Sorry ,I just realize that I put on my email wrong ... I corrected it.


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